Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Lovin'

It's been just over three weeks since school ended, and I'm just now getting around to my first blog of the summer!! What a lazy arse I must be!!

Not true, my friends. Not true at all. These last three weeks have been packed full of travel, work, home construction, and grad work. Despite all this, I am absolutely lovin' this summer!!

We left June 3rd for a four day trip to New York. With 30 middle school students, 2 high school students, and nine adults, we flew from OKC all the way to the Big Apple for a fast, furious, and FABULOUS adventure!! The highlights of our trip included: FAO Schwartz, 5th Avenue tour (Trump Tower, Tiffany, Saks, etc), St. Patrick's Cathedral, the children's zoo in Central Park, Empire State Building, Strawberry Fields, John Lennon Memorial, Shakespeare Castle (all in Central Park), walking tour of Greenwich Village and Soho, World Trade Center Memorial (which was magnificent), Wall Street, Chinatown, Phantom of the Opera, the Today Show, NYU, a subway ride, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios tour, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and lots of yummy New York treats - cheesecake, coneys, and New York style pizza!! We even got to see the space shuttle Enterprise as it was being pulled down the Hudson to it's final resting place at the USS Intrepid. I know that sounds like a lot to cram into four days...and it WAS!! We got home exhausted, but just in time to see the Thunder take-down the Spurs to win their conference!!
The whole gang in front of the statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Plaza!

My girls at NBC Studios

Chelsea and I with the Naked Cowboy

The John Lennon Memorial

The Today Show!!

Which is the second reason I'm lovin' this summer!! I can't pinpoint the exact moment when I became a die-hard Thunder fan, but it was sometime between December and February, and it was life-changing! I love that there is FINALLY a team that unites my entire family. No more bickering over bedlam (well, until November, that is!). We're all completely enchanted by the Thunder, and watching their games has become a family event for us. With all these games, I'm finding it hard to even watch my beloved Yankees (gasp!). Yes, it's true. The Thunder has topped my darling Yanks as my all-time fave. We've only made it to a couple of games this season, but I'm sure we'll hit more next time around. It looks like we may have worked our way into a group of season ticket holders, so I'm definitely pumped for that!
The boys in the "Thunder-Mobile"...

And that brings-up yet another reason this summer has been so hectic. No sooner than we were unpacked, my husband was ripping-up carpet and throwing paint on the walls in my youngest son's room. We'd been planning on redoing the room, but I had no idea he'd dive into it with such ferocity the moment we pulled into the driveway! I do have to say, the room looks fabulous. Dawson wanted a "Thunder Dome," and we delivered!! Two blue walls - one OKC blue, one navy- and one orange wall. The fourth wall is white with a huge  Thunder logo hand-painted by my husband's aunt and extraordinary artist, Terri. It took her most of one day and another evening, but the design is amazing. We finished the room off by ripping the closet apart and building an organizer. He now has a brand-new room complete with hard wood floors, mini-fridge with Thunder fatheads, an autographed photo of Desmond Mason, and enormous basketball television! I'm so jealous!
Photos of Dawon's new, awesome room!

I've also decided to torture myself by starting grad school this summer. I had intended to start back in January, but I just didn't get around to enrolling...yes, I'm a horrible procrastinator. I missed the first two days of class because of the New York trip, and as of yesterday, I was so confused and behind that I was ready to drop the class and restart in August. I had a 4-page paper due by midnight last night, and I miraculously finished it by 10:48 (proofread and edited!). Despite being a little confused and somewhat overwhelmed by the though of a 20+ page research paper, I am going to tough it out and finish this class. I keep thinking that surely if I make it to every class, do the work, and put forth an honest effort, the professor will pass me!! Ordinarily, I wouldn't be satisfied with just "passing," but I'm not working on scholarships this time around, so a B (or even a C) won't kill me. However, my massive OCD may push me into overdrive and force me to earn a better grade. Time will tell...

On top of all this, I still have my wonderful, fabulous book club, which meets every other week. I adore book club and am so glad I took the initiative a year ago to officially start it. June is our one-year anniversary!! Yeah!! Go us! I've actually already read the next three books for our meetings, so I've started reading a couple of other things. I started Calico Joe today, and couldn't put it down. I read nearly the entire book while sitting poolside, and will probably finish the last few chapters as soon as I finish this blog. I sincerely hope my grad work doesn't get in the way of my summer reading....that would make me very angry. You woudn't like me angry.

I also have baseball games 2-3 nights per week for my 11 year-old son. Dylan usually plays first or second base, but he's been getting in some practice time as pitcher the last couple of weeks. I prefer him on first or second, but he'll step it up and do whatever is needed for his team. So far, they've beaten every opponent but one...not bad!

The next couple of weeks will continue with the hectic madness. The spouse and I are playing in a golf tournament on Saturday morning, and I have a family reunion that afternoon. Sunday is the designated lake day (weather permitting), and I have to drive to Alva on Wednesday for some peer editing in my class. We leave next Friday morning for a long weekend in Dallas with the boys - Dallas Aquarium, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, Madame Tussaud's, Rangers baseball, and some relaxation time by the pool. Of course, we'll have to spring from our beds on Monday morning and fly back to town in time for Dylan's baseball game at 6:00....

I definitely have a full plate for these next few weeks, but I absolutely relish this time of year. Hopefully, we can find time to squeeze in a camping trip or two, as well as a day at my favorite summer hangout...Whitewater Bay!!

So, dear reader...what are YOU lovin' this summer??

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